The creators of Spike and Larry's line of T-shirts combine their sense of humor and ability to make people laugh with their love of screen printing.   Their T-shirts may be "punny" and a bit "tongue in cheek" but Spike and Larry's "Ad"ventures isn't just a line of T-shirts... It's an "Ad"itude!

                    Spike and Larry still believe in the American Dream!  They are sick of "Dancin' For The Man" and have joined the ranks of small business owners of America searching to justify their lives. 

                    For years, they worked for large corporations and various other companies, not really knowing what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Working for businesses that cut wages, lowered or even eliminated bonuses, and raised their expectations of production, resulting in larger profits for the company and less income and benefits for the employees. 

                    They did however learn valuable lessons on how NOT to treat employees.  They aspire to be a company where all members are treated with respect.  Working together as a team to produce quality products, prompt shipping and satisfied customers.

                                 IT"S ALL HERE IN BLACK AND WHITE!

                    Spike and Larry's™ "Ad"ventures are printed with black ink, in halftones, on white, 6.1oz., 100% pre-shrunk cotton, American made T-shirts.  Keep America Working!  Unisex sizes S-7X.


                         The definition of spurious is not genuine or real.  Spike and Larry's "Ad"ventures is a collection of humorous advertisements for Spike and Larry's mock (spurious) businesses from various spurious locations.  We hope you enjoy the "Ad"ventures of Spike and Larry!




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                                   Spike and Larry's™ is an Inkconspicuous Production

                                             Keeping It Real In A Spurious Way!